Tegalalang Rice Terraces

95 Jalan Raya Bilukan Bali 80561 ID

Let’s be real, have you even been to Bali if you don’t spend time taking in the beauty of the rice fields? Tegalalang rice terraces are the go-to destination for epic nature happy snaps. The tiered fields make it a great place to take that picture-perfect shot in the rice-fields.

The terraces are located approximately 10km north of central Ubud, a straight drive up Jalan Andong. If you’re confident on a motorbike, they are an easy find. Otherwise any driver (car or motorbike) in town can easily take you there. A car ride shouldn’t cost more than Rp. 200k for a return trip, less for motorbike. The avid shopper can indulge on the way to Tegalalang as the road is lined with unique handicraft and furniture stores; shops that are much cheaper than in the center of town.

It’s wise to wear comfortable footwear as you can take a long walk, up and down and around the rice-fields. Tegalalang is technically free to visit, although you may encounter areas when walking where you are required to give a ‘donation’ to local farmers in order to continue your journey (good to have small money on-hand).

The main road is lined with stalls and restaurants, once you’re in the terraces these won’t affect your view. As it is a hot-spot for travellers to Ubud, it is a good idea to arrive early in the morning (before 9am) to avoid the masses, which is also a better time of day to take pictures as the sun isn’t yet casting harsh shadows over the landscape. However, the rice fields are large enough that if you arrive at peak time there is certainly enough space to take some happy snaps without people in the background.

Because what is a holiday to Bali without happy snaps in the middle of an epic tiered ricefield?Read more…

Tegalalang 7 months ago
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