Top 8 Resources to Find Facts about Mount Agung

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We’ve scoured the web and found the most credible resources that are dishing out the facts about the Mount Agung Eruption.

Animal Organisations in Bali: Helping Cats & Dogs

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If you have been to Bali, you may have seen them every day, rummaging through trash cans or narrowly dodging traffic. It’s a tough life for some of these cute …

Creative Humans of Ubud: Fraser & Eszter (Far Features)

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Ubud is a village filled with creative humans. There is an abundance of painters, sculptors, dancers and craftsmen in this village-come-city. Before becoming known as an international hub for yoga …

How to prepare for the eruption of Mount Agung

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For those travelling around Bali, there are a few tips to know and precautions to take for the eruption of Mount Agung and resulting cloud of ash. These are just some precautionary measures you can take incase of emergency.

Mount Agung: Up-to-date information on the pending eruption.

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Unless you’ve been hearing living under a rock, you would have heard stories in the media that suggest Bali is about to blow. Whilst that isn’t the case (i.e. the whole …

Market Finds: The ‘Rattan Roundie’ Bag

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We’ve heard your calls for the famous trending basket-bag and we’ve scoured the town to bring you all the deets! Read up for advice on styles, prices and where in the hood (and beyond) to get your hot little hands on the Rattan Roundie bag!

Etiquette in Ubud 101

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Unlike our friends down south, Ubud is a little more conservative. Learn some simple tips that will help you navigate your way through the hood whilst respecting the locals and the rich culture of Ubud.

A Beginner’s Guide to Ubud

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Never been to Ubud? Got a million questions? We’ve covered it all here. Find out the what visa option is best for you, learn how to avoid dodgy ATMs and most importantly, follow our tracks to all the seriously delish foods & cosy stays.