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Nestled in central Bali lay the lush ‘hood known as Ubud. Surrounded by rice fields, hungry monkeys and banyan trees, Ubud offers an experience that varies to it’s neighbours by the sea. Built on a solid foundation of local creative artistry Ubud remains a mecca for Balinese artists and international entrepreneurs; in recent decades has become known as one of the world’s best go-to destinations for yoga, health and relaxation.

With an overwhelming selection of hotels, restaurants, activities and events it’s our mission to take all the tricky decisions out of your hands. Escape the tourist traps and dive into our favourite nooks and crannies of the town; we promise to share nothing short of the most drool-worthy food, tranquil hotel rooms, fulfilling experiences and epic events.

We are constantly on a hunt for the tastiest food in town (it’s a hard life!) from the best vegan-gluten-free-sugar-free cake to restaurants with the most satisfying four-cheese pizza. Our accommodation recommendations come with assurances of comfy beds, tranquil vibes and stellar style; we make a conscious effort to avoid rice-field-ploughing eye-sores. We’ve perused temples, lounged by infinity pools, biked through boundless rice fields and danced to hundreds of local music acts so that we can guide you to only first-rate experiences & things to do in Ubud.

Follow our lead, and with a mild kombucha buzz, we will take you beyond monkey forest selfies and bintang tank tops into a world of incomparable taste, alluring culture, peaceful paradises and wild adventures!


It’s you’re standard cliché beginning… Sara came to Ubud as just another yogi here to immerse herself in a yoga teacher training.

One month of downward-dogging soon turned into six. But it wasn’t until she discovered and immersed herself into the local co-working culture, and was adopted by numerous Bali cats, that this little town became home.
Finally, her feet ceased to itch after years of traveling.

Three years on and this food-loving Melbournian has harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit and background in documentary photography to create UbudHood. Constantly inundated with queries from Facebook friends because their cousins-best-friends-sister-in-laws-ex-boyfriends-mother was planning a trip to Ubud and wanted advice, Sara created UbudHood a one-stop-shop to point people towards.

She is a walking juxtaposition of Ubudian stereotypes; a combination of the mungbean (hippy-dippy human) and the hardworking gorengan-eating entrepreneur. Unafraid to pull our her tarot cards and smudge the house with her friends (ahem, cat) while listening to Beyoncé and downing a glass (or three) of wine. She can also be found with a post-yoga glow sitting in lotus position at a desk staring at her computer screen all day, before dancing late into the night to the beats of local musicians (on a mission to prove that life can go on beyond 9pm in this town!).

By embracing her contradicting personalities she is the ultimate guide to all that Ubud has to offer.

Join the journey as she makes her way through the hood, fuelled by tempe goreng and coconuts.

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